JULY 27-31, 2019

Alabama & Mississippi’s Premiere Water Advocacy Event


AL/MS WaterJAM was created to serve Alabama and Mississippi’s water professionals by providing a single conference where collaboration, education and leadership thrives. The initiative is to provide a central event for operators, equipment manufacturers, equipment representatives and service providers to cultivate new ideas to improve one of our greatest resources – water.


Numerous organizations exist within our states that promote clean water and the stewardship of our natural resources. The WEF and AWWA member organizations have collaborated over the course of the past decade to provide high-quality educational outreach and to develop programming that draws our members to recognize the value of the water community.   Through the educational outreach originated a broader vision for the consolidation of annual conferences to a single joint annual meeting that achieves connectivity, content and execution by the partner associations.  The AWWA and WEF organizations of Alabama and Mississippi continue to work toward additional partnerships and cooperation within the water community to maximize our effective outreach.

Joint Conference Administrative Committee

AWEA                              AWWA                          MWEA              
Matt Alpaugh                Nick Freeman              Michael Stewart
Wheeler Crook              Phillip Gibson


AL/MS WaterJAM (Water Joint Annual Meeting) is a centralized, annual event focused on education, training and networking for the water community throughout Alabama and Mississippi.  This event offers attendees the opportunity to network with leading water experts, stay informed on technology/regulation updates, and to advance stewardship in the water sector.

Your member associations have collaborated to create a partnership built upon mutual goals. The partnership seeks to promote a ‘OneWater’ concept in the water community of our states.  The collective goals of AL/MS WaterJAM are simple:

  • Promote the ‘OneWater’ approach
  • Develop a premier space for exhibition
  • Expand education

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